There are numerous suppliers who offer quality and reliable ammo and hunting gear. We do not sell guns and ammo directly, we are more aimed at collecting reviews and information about rifles. However, there are many reputable hunting shops available in different countries.

Many readers from Australia, Canada and U.S. are looking for reliable resources, where they can find not only gear they are looking for, but also for detailed information on the products. Here are some of them we can recommend based on the reviews we get.

Hunting & Shooting Australia. This is one of leading hunting shops in Australia, that allows shopping for guns and hunting ammo, checking video and text information on duck, fox, deer and other kinds of hunting.

Recreation ID USA. This is an American online store that offers hunting gear, ammo and accessories with precise descriptions. Overall, the shop specialises on hunting, fishing and outdoor products, camping and climbing gear.

Firearms Outlet Canada. This is one of the premium gun and ammo shops in Canada that offers rifles, shotguns, accessories and ammo. Website of this shop features precise and up-to-date descriptions.