CZ 512 Rimfire Rifle

For shooters seeking a more classic rifle for their hunting needs, the CZ 512 will prove to be a good choice. This semi-automatic rifle comes with a warm-hued beech stock and black aluminium alloy-polymer receiver that is not only quite a beauty but also light in weight. But despite its nimbleness, the CZ 512 is heavy on performance, with superb accuracy and reliability even with continual use.

Basic specifications 

  • Length – 39.3”
  • Barrel Length – 20.5”
  • Weight – 5.88 lbs.
  • Range of Twist –  1 in 16”
  • Magazine Capacity – 5 rounds in detachable magazine

The CZ 512 is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle developed by Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod (CZUB) of the Czech Republic. Once known to produce military arms, the company has expanded into making hunting and sporting firearms that adhere to their high quality in accuracy, safety, and durability.

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With the CZ 512, one will see how this rifle lives up to CZUB’s mark of excellence. On the outside, it boasts a classic look with its modular design. The stock is made of lacquered beechwood with a wide butt, angled comb, and plastic recoil plate. It has a rather squared fore-end with finger grooves and undercut tip, and a slightly tapered top section that allows for a comfortable grip. QD sling swivel studs are fitted as standard.

An aluminium alloy upper receiver, which holds the barrel and bolt assembly, and a bottom fiberglass-reinforced polymer that houses the trigger mechanism and detachable magazine comprise the rifle’s action. The receiver has an integral 11mm dovetail that allows for scope mounting. The rifle has a blued steel hammer-forged threaded barrel, topped with sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage. It is not free-floating, as the barrel touches the fore-end of its tip because of a screw that attaches it from underneath, but it does not affect the accuracy or the performance of the rifle.

The CZ 512 has a smooth and slender trigger blade that is single-action in operation. Despite a small amount of creep, it breaks consistently and smoothly at around 4 to 4.5 lbs. The safety, meanwhile, is a crossbolt at the rear of the trigger guard. When the safe position is engaged, the bolt is partially blocked and the travel of the trigger is hindered.

A flush-fitting polymer plastic magazine that carries 5 rounds is supplied. It can be removed from its catch by nudging a small pull-back lever located at the front of the well. One will notice that this single-stack magazine is quite similar to that of the CZ 452 bolt-action rifle, so it’s safe to assume that a 10-round magazine for the CZ 512 may also be available.

Performance of the CZ 512 is surprisingly good for a semi-automatic rifle. It has produced accurate shots at 50-yard groups, and was able to shoot well without stoppages or malfunctions. Most users, however, feel that the trigger takes some getting used to — even if it offers a crisp break, at around 4 lbs., it seems heavy for those who are not accustomed to rimfire autoloaders.

Some have also commented on the rifle not having checkering like that in a bolt-action and, because of its finish, there is a tendency of the firearm slipping from one’s hand. Nevertheless, quick detachable sling swivel studs come as standard to help ease this problem.

On the upside, hunters have lauded the CZ 512’s shock-resistant stock, as well as its light weight due to the alloy and composite polymer receiver. And because of its modular design, the rifle can easily be maintained, only requiring a coin as a tool for field stripping. Users say it is also easy to disassemble and clean — something unusual for a semi-automatic rifle.

Overall, while it takes getting used to, the CZ 512 is a reliable hunting rifle that performs outstandingly on the field. It is available in .22 LR and .22 WMR calibres for high velocity and subsonic ammunition.

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