Lithgow Crossover

The Lithgow Crossover Rifle or the LA101 is an Australian-made varmint, hunting, and target firearm manufactured by Lithgow Arms, a small military arms factory in New South Wales, Australia with over 100 years of expertise. As such, users can expect the Crossover rifle to be one of the best in accuracy and reliability.

Basic Specifications (depends on calibre)

  • Length – 38.5 to 39.6 inches
  • Barrel Length – 20.9 inches
  • Weight – 6.8 pounds
  • Rate of twist – 16 inches
  • Magazine Capacity – 5 rounds in detachable magazine

The Lithgow Crossover or LA101 rifle is a tough and adaptable firearm with modern tactical styling. It is designed to perform in a variety of shooting disciplines, which reflects the military weapons expertise of its manufacturer, Lithgow Arms.

Lithgow Arms has been designing firearms first for Australian troops since World War I. Today, the arms factory has evolved into a world-renowned manufacturer and designer of small arms for use of both military and civilian markets.

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Lithgow includes field experts, former military personnel, and people with international experience in its team roster. Enough reason to trust the reliability and accuracy of any firearm that comes out of the manufacturer, including the Lithgow Crossover.

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The Lithgow Crossover Rifle is offered in these calibres:

  • .22 LR (rimfire)
  • .22 WMR (rimfire)
  • .17 HMR (rimfire)
  • .223 REM (centrefire)
  • .308 WIN (centrefire)

The stock of the LA101 Crossover is made from the same glass fibre reinforced, moulded nylon as the F90 Assault Rifle of the Australian Defence Force. Moulded areas at the fore-end and grip are texturised to provide non-slip grip in all weather conditions. Another additional feature of the stock is the butt, which has inserts to alter the pull length to suit users of different builds.

The stock is finished in satin and has built-in sling swivel bases for attaching rifle slings. It also comes with a butt hook that makes the butt look a bit chunky. But it ultimately serves its purpose of improving hold on the rifle when shooting in a prone position. The action is located under the 4-point bedding system, which is moulded to the stock.

The barrel is cold hammer forged using the same machine to fashion barrels for ADF’s rifles, ensuring military grade construction, long life, and accuracy. Finished by glass bead blasting and using Titanium Cerokote, the barrel looks attractive. And with the low-sheen finish on the barrel, the Lithgow Crossover makes for a discrete hunting rifle, preventing glare and protection from weather elements. The barrel is also free-floated to ensure precision. This is manufactured and tested in Lithgow.

Intended to also be a semi-target rifle the Crossover sports a medium-weight barrel and heavy receiver, which is made of high-tensile steel. The upper part of the receiver is scalloped on the left side, the front part carries Lithgow’s proof mark, and the rear bears the Lithgow Arms name and logo.

The trigger is housed in an alloy material which also houses the trigger blade. Factory setting for the pull weight of the trigger is at 2 kg and is non-adjustable. This is one of the disadvantages of the LA101 or Crossover, since not having the option to adjust the trigger means users can set it his/her preference and would have to get used to the pre-set weight. They would have to shell out extra money to buy a spring to adjust the trigger weight.

A 2-position safety allows for the bolt of the rifle to opened even on the safe position. The nylon magazine of the .22 LR is flush fitted and compatible with the CZ 452/ 455, while the .17 HMR/ .22 WMR is compatible with the CZ 455. Soon to be available is a 10-round magazine.

If you don’t mind paying more than the usual price for a .22 gun, the Lithgow Crossover Rifle is a good buy, considering the materials used, the design, and the finish.

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