Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game Rifle

Big and dangerous game hunters can rely on the Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game bolt-action rifle. From looks to performance, this firearm makes for the best companion in the field. It has a Monte Carlo stock of Kevlar and fibreglass composite, 24” chrome-moly lightweight barrel, and Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. But what sets this rifle apart from the others is that is it made using the Mark V action, considered as the world’s strongest action, which can handle both standard chambering and heavy magnum loads.

Basic specifications (depending on calibre)

  • Length – 44 5/8” and 46 5/8”
  • Barrel Length – 24” and 26”
  • Weight – 8 3/4, 9, and 9 1/4 lbs.
  • Range of Twist – 1-10”, 1-12”, 1-14”, and 1-16”
  • Magazine Capacity – 3+1 and 4+1 rounds in drop box magazine

The Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game is made for professional hunters or serious shooters in pursuit of big and dangerous game. This bolt-action rifle boasts a no-nonsense design and dependable performance, and is available in the following calibres:

  • 300 Wby
  • 340 Wby
  • 375 H&H
  • 375 Wby
  • 378 Wby
  • 416 Rem
  • 416 Wby
  • 458 Win
  • 458 Lott
  • 460 Wby

Its Monte Carlo stock is hand-laminated, with a raised comb and spiderweb accents. The stock is made of Kevlar and fibreglass composite with CNC-machined aluminum bedding block that guarantees toughness and durability in every occasion. This Weatherby firearm also has a 24” button-rifled chrome-moly Criterion Krieger barrel and recessed target crown. It also has an adjustable “express” ramp rear sight and hooded barrel front sight that provides instant sight alignment and target acquisition. Swivel studs come as standard.

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This rifle also comes with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. It provides superior control to reduce felt recoil to improve shooting performance, as well as a nice look and feel to the firearm. Accubrake comes standard on specific models, and this further lessens felt recoil by up to 53 percent.

The metalwork in all of the Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game has a black oxide matte finish to reduce glare and reflection, thereby rendering the rifle — and the hunter — hidden from the target.

What makes this rifle stand out, however, is that it utilises Weatherby’s famous Mark V action, which is considered as the world’s strongest action. One of its features is the fluted bolt body that has 3 gas ports to allow high-pressure air to escape laterally in case of accidental rupture. The longitudinal grooves provide smooth action by reducing weight and bearing surface area, and eliminating the binding.

The receiver of the Mark V is a one-piece forged design. It is built to handle standard 6-Lug or powerful magnum 9-Lug loads with unmatched strength and structural integrity.

Another characteristic of the Mark V is the 54-degree bolt lift. With a short lift compared to other hunting firearms in the market, the Weatherby Dangerous Game rifle allows for fast cycling and quick chambering on follow-up shots. It also gives greater bolt-to-scope clearance.

The Mark V has a single-stage factory-tuned trigger. It is fully adjustable from the factory set sear engagement, which is at .008 to .014, and let-off weight, which is at 3.5 pounds out of the box, to give shooters a clean and crisp break. The thumb safety, meanwhile, is designed in such a way that it totally disengages the sear to secure the action. It can easily be operated even as hunters wear heavy gloves.

Shooters can rely on the Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game for big game hunting, even when taking on the Big Five of Africa. Some, though, have commented on the barrel that, even while light in weight, is not free-floating. The heat sometimes affects the quickness of follow-up shots unless targets are nearby, approximately within 150 yards. Nonetheless, most of the time succeeding shots are not necessary, as the rifle already hits hard.

Barrel issues notwithstanding, the Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game bolt-action rifle is still a preferred choice for serious hunting with its powerful action, comfortable handling, and straightforward design.

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